Concrete Batch Plant Develops Towards the Direction of Green Energy Conservation

Based on the forecast of the development of the machinery and equipment in China, the industry will be realized fast and safety development, the machinery industry that comes to life is faster than expectation in China. The more than expected increase of machinery industry is mainly because of the picking up of the whole world economy and low base at the same time. But according to the data, the new projects will be decreased; the machinery Concrete and Mortar Mixers industry can’t stay at the high growth momentum like the first half of the year all the time. Before this, at the Chinese mechanical industry prospective manufacturing technology seminar, the key point is to discuss how to use automation, green energy saving, etc. in mechanical industry and industrial control automation industry. At the same time, the future theme of the concrete mixing plant equipment is “energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon development”. Nowadays, many companies join the research and development work of low carbon energy saving industry in China, and put forward a serious of green industrial automation products. Besides, advanced applicable project results and innovative products are showed in fields of low carbon technology, new material, etc.

Features of Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

Nowadays, ready-mixed concrete batching plants are common in engineering construction machinery. And commercial concrete batching plant plays an important role in engineering construction. Ready-mixed concrete batching plant is special concrete machinery in our life. The special features of ready-mixed concrete batching plant: 1. The model division of commercial concrete batching plant is clear: HZS25, HZS35, HZS60,HZS180 and so on. 2. Belt type concrete batching plant is easy to operate: no matter the large type concrete batching plant or small size concrete batching plant, all adopt fully automation control system. Although the small size concrete batching plant can be equipped with centralized control system, the operation is simple and convenient. 3. The production quality of continuous concrete batching plant is good and the ingredient is very accurate, because HZS series concrete batching plant adopts PLD series concrete batching machine. 4. Portable concrete batching plant has strong production performance, because it is equipped with JS series double shaft forced type concrete mixer, which makes the production of concrete batching plant quite efficient.

Mixing Blade Installation and Repair Notes of Concrete Mixer

Installation of mixing blade: 1. The mixing blade dip angle of concrete mixer should remain same and can not install wrong. 2. Improper mixing blade dip angle will affect the mixing capacity. So the dip angle between mixing blade and durable movable volumetric cement mixer mixing axis should keep at around 70 degrees or 80 degrees. 3. The best angle of mixing blade is to rotate the top and come out about 20-30 mm. 4. The relative location of mixing blade in the two mixing shafts should stagger for 90°compared with the surface relative position. 5. When installing mixing blade, screw down it certainly. Try to screw down the first bolt of mixing blade. Repair notes of mixing blade: 1. The wear and tear of mixing blade: at this time, use cutting torch cut the edge of the bevel connection of the wear parts of mixing blade. Then weld the same thickness steel plate to the wear part. 2. Petiole is bent or broken. There are two reasons to cause this situation: (1) The petiole strength is not enough. Increase the petioles diameter at this time and it is better to use round steel processing. (2) Petiole material is brittle. It can be use plain round steel in this time.

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